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4. Measure

Everything is live, the right people know about it, and feedback is coming in. Here we show you how you can see it.

The Dashboard

This is the standard place to see the data.

View your results

Urgent Notifications, and Scheduled Reports

While you can check the dashboard whenever you like, Ombea has a powerful notification system which can alert key stakeholders whenever feedback crosses a prescribed threshold. It can also send regular reports just in time for your discussion meetings.

Set up Notifications and Reports


This step only applies if you have multiple Touchpoints asking the same question, but in different locations. If this isn't you, move on!

Ombea's leaderboard creates a sense of competition and achievement across your estate. It encourages small improvements for every location, regardless of their overall standing.

Set up the Leaderboard


5. Investigate

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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