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2. Deploy

Now you've done the preparation work, it's time to install any software, set up any hardware, create user accounts, and deploy questions.

Print your questions (ExpressPod and ExpressTab only)

You'll need to print your question so you can insert it into the question holder in the next step. We've got some handy templates for you here.

Assemble your hardware (ExpressPod, ExpressTab, ActionPad only)

ExpressPod 4G/Lite users

ExpressPod 4G/Lite users

ExpressTab users

ExpressTab Setup

ActionPad users

ActionPad Setup

Install your Widget (Desktop and Website Widgets only)

Desktop Widget users
Install Desktop Widgets

Website Widget users
Install Website Widgets

Set up Touchpoints

Your account manager will already have done this for you to a basic extent. You can create additional Touchpoints or change existing ones as you wish. To learn how, visit Manage Touchpoints.

Set up User Accounts

Ombea Insights is more powerful when you collaborate with colleagues. We let you create as many user accounts as you need, for colleagues to see and investigate feedback data.

Create user accounts

Create your Stream

We try to avoid jargon, but this one is important. Once you've added the Touchpoints, you can start streaming feedback from them. This flow of data is centered around a Stream. Think of a Stream as a survey on steroids: A Stream defines the one or more questions, when and how they are posed, and from which Touchpoints.

ExpressPod 4G/Lite
Create ExpressPod Streams

Create ExpressTab Streams

Create ActionPad Streams

Create Link Streams

Website Widget
Create Website Widget Streams

Public Reviews
Connect your Google Reviews
Connect your Trustpilot Reviews

Desktop Widget
Create Desktop Widget Streams


3. Promote

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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