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Optimise the ExpressPod and ExpressTab placement

The more feedback you can get from your feedback terminals, the more valuable the data becomes to you. There are two key areas you can tweak to improve the volume of feedback. These are:

Physical Location
Question Design

Physical Location

You can place your terminals anywhere you like but our experience tells us that the following considerations will make a big difference:

Think safety first
Place the terminal so that it doesn’t block people’s paths.
Do not place a terminal where it might distract people from their footing or balance. For example, avoid placing an ExpressPod at the bottom of a set of stairs.

For Customer Experience, think about your customer journey map
You will already know where the key ‘moments of magic’ are in your specific case. For example, you may have identified the end of the shopping aisles, the changing rooms, a catering point, or the exit door. Place terminals at these touchpoints and you will find the feedback to be more relevant, especially if the question you ask is associated with that area.

For Employee Experience, think about where employees take a break
Think about your sites and the people working there. Where do they go when they aren’t in the middle of their work? This is usually a good place to ask them for feedback because they’ll have the time to respond, and they’ll be in a more reflective mood. Our suggestions include staff lounges, canteens, coffee machines, meeting rooms and even staff notice boards.

Locations that increase feedback
Think about your ‘dwell zones’, i.e. the areas where people are slowing down or stopping entirely. Under these circumstances, people are more likely to see your request for feedback and will have time to engage.
Slow-moving dwell zones include queues, such as near a coffee machine, or while people wait to pay at a till.
Static dwell zones include changing cubicles, smoking areas, and lunch tables.

Subtle ideas that work well
Choose a location where the terminal is well lit, e.g. under a spotlight or near a window.
Given a free choice, people are more likely to look to the right than the left. This is why placing a terminal to the right side of a path is likely to deliver more results than placing it to the left.
Keep your terminal clean and it will be more inviting to people wishing to give feedback.

Locations that decrease feedback
Checkout desks: If you want to know about the friendliness of your staff, customers will feel ‘watched’ by the staff they’re feeding back on, which means they’re less likely to feed back.
After a doorway: Watch people leave one room and enter another. You'll notice their attention is diverted to taking in their new surroundings. For this reason, if you must place a terminal at an entry point, place it further inside the new room. This will allow people to take in their new surroundings as they continue to move, and then attend to your feedback request.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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