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Filtering and navigating the Details

In the Details view, you can easily explore and understand results from various angles. This is also where you export the results to Excel and PDF for further analysis.


At the top of the page, select a location, website or folder containing the Touchpoints for which you like to view the results.

Select the Stream

And finally the Time period.

You can find more filters by clicking the Filter button.

The panels

In the Details you will have a number of panels designed to quickly present the results while also giving you the opportunity to dig deeper into the data wherever you find it necessary.

Most of the panels let you compare the results to find trends and shortcomings. You can compare dates, hours, weekdays, locations, websites etc. To compare the results click the Comparison button in the bottom right corner of any panel.

Some panels let you change the settings for how the results are displayed. Depending on the question type, one or multiple of the following will be available:
Download - to download the results in Excel format.
Open in fullscreen - to show the panel in fullscreen mode.
Use: Percentage - to show the results as percentage.
Use: Responses - to show the results as number of responses.
View: List - to show free text responses as a list.
View: Word cloud - to show free text responses as a word cloud.
Sort by: Date and time - to sort a list by date and time.
Sort by: Sentiment response - to sort a list by the respondent's sentiment.
Sort by: Free text response - to sort a list by the free text response.
Sort by: Location - to sort a list by the location or website.

To change the settings of the panel click the three dots in the top right corner.

Updated on: 14/08/2023

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