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Change ExpressPod Buttons

You wish to change the ExpressPod lid from smileys to multiple-choice, or vice versa.

Before you start

This procedure will expose the ExpressPod circuitry. Please take precautions to avoid a static discharge which could damage the ExpressPod.

Changing your ExpressPod button panel: EP-02

Remove the ExpressPod question panel.
Separate the ExpressPod from the stand.
Turn your ExpressPod upside down on to a flat surface.
You will see two small phillips screws. Remove these.
You will see four plastic tabs. Push these inwards and you will be able to push the button panel up off the ExpressPod.
Swap the panel for your desired alternative by ensuring the tabs click back into place. Remember to replace the two screws.
Reattach the stand and question panel.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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