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View your results

View your results

The feedback you gather from different Touchpoints is presented in the Dashboard. You can access the dashboard with your username and password at

What you see in the dashboard depends on the type of Stream you are looking at.

ExpressPod - Smiley

We'll start by taking a look at the dashboard for ExpressPod smiley questions. In this case there are 4 panels as you can see in the diagram below:

OMBEA Insights Dashboard key panels

The panels shown are:

How am I doing overall? An overview of the results.

How are my Touchpoints performing? A summary of the different Touchpoints that contribute to the stream.

How does my feedback vary by hour or day? A closer look at the breakdown of results by time.

What should I focus on? These pointers show you problem areas you can address to improve satisfaction.

Pay close attention to the fourth panel - it will change as your feedback comes in and it's the key to unlocking satisfaction improvements!

ExpressPod - Multiple Choice

This dashboard is for ExpressPods being used for multiple-choice question feedback. In this case, the main difference is that the What should I focus on? panel is missing because it's not relevant to this scenario.

OMBEA Insights Dashboard Letter Stream

Consider using ExpressPods in Multiple Choice mode to establish priorities for improvement.

ActionPad Streams

This dashboard is for customers using ActionPads to track progress with staff behavior changes. The focus here is on reporting across different timescales, by team and by Touchpoint.

OMBEA Insights Dashboard ActionPad Stream

All other Stream types

This dashboard is for all other Stream types. Each question in your Stream has its own panel.

OMBEA Insights Dashboard Survey Stream

Updated on: 29/09/2022

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