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Use Gamification

When you use Ombea in multiple locations, you can introduce a competitive element to encourage staff at all locations to be at their best. This is Ombea's Gamification feature.

When you enable Gamification, each location earns points based on two factors. During a given period of time:

The location's feedback index.
The location's improvement on the previous period.

Every location included in a competition will see their overall leaderboard position, their index leaderboard, and their improvement leaderboard.

You can emphasise focus on improvements or outright performance using weighting when you set up gamification.


Create a Stream, adding your questions, schedule and Touchpoints as normal. Be sure to add more than one Touchpoint, otherwise there will be no sense of competition.
Beneath the Touchpoints selection list, you will see the option to Enable Gamification. Make sure this is ticked.
Enter the start and end dates and select a question for your competition.
Choose your comparison period. Your choice depends on the tempo of your business. If it's fast-moving and ever-changing, choose a shorter period such as Daily or Weekly.
Define the size of the Leaderboard and, optionally, adjust the weighting for scores in favor of index or improvement.
Click Save.

View the Leaderboard

To view the Leaderboard, click Leaderboard form the menu on the left hand side.

Ombea leaderboard

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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