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Change stream language

By default, your Stream will be in English or French, depending on your Ombea account settings, however you can present the Stream in multiple language variants to make it more convenient for those giving you feedback.

Set the Available Languages

When you create your Stream, you will see an Available Languages option above the first Block. Click Edit here.
The language selection panel appears. From the drop-down, select the language you wish to offer.
Repeat step 2 for each language you will present.
Click Save.

Provide a translation for each block

When you enter some question text for a block, you will see a translation button. Click this icon to to reveal the translation panel.
On the translation panel, enter the text you wish to present in each language.
Repeat step 2 for all pieces of text in each Block.
Continue editing and saving your Stream as normal.

Updated on: 11/08/2023

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